Hi, I am Vansa Bali.

A well-known Holistic Therapist, Life Coach & Corporate Wellness Consultant in Dubai, UAE.

About Me

Vansa Bali is one of the front runners of self-development and empowerment in the UAE. With credentials in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University, Boston, USA and exposure to occupational psychology, she has focused her life’s purpose in helping humanity awaken to its highest potential by offering Thetahealing & Self-development seminars and programs that awaken self-transformation and self-discovery in an individual to awaken to their highest potential.

She has been invited on various platforms such as the Happiness Podcast, Khaleej Times, Gulf News & other corporate houses to share her expertise and wisdom to bring positive change to society and the workplace.

She is passionate about honoring and respecting the planet and conducts seminars, programs and Earth Day Meditations regularly to bring the community in the UAE together to be conscientious co-creators on the planet.

Vansa is enthusiastic about exploring techniques that help expand the limits of human potential by tapping into the natural & innate capabilities that lie within all of us to lead a better and healthier life. Towards this, she explores and shares the sacred wisdom of the universe taught under the Diana Cooper School of White Light, in the UAE and internationally as well. Her experience as a Reiki Master, Master Crystal Healer & Sound & Vibrational Therapist motivates her to share wisdom that will help you listen and trust the ‘inner voice’ within.

With focus and determination, Vansa believes that we can change the way we have written our life to encompass

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What students are saying about Vansa Bali

Ever since I started seeing Vansa a year ago, I learnt new things about myself and about my ability to heal. I would have never imagined that what I was feeling was because I am an empath and that I was very spiritual. Vansa always has a way with making me feel comfortable and reassured with my feeling



I love learning new modalities and growing as a healer. Vansa has been an absolute delight to learn thetahealing from. She is so warm and creates a beautiful atmosphere in class. She knows so much and doesn't hesitate to share it with us . I look forward to taking all her courses Can't wait!

Sam Smith


What can I say! Meeting Vansa has changed my life completely. I remember coming to her for a severe back pain I had been experiencing for over a week. During the session I could feel some of the pain dissipate and the next day it was gone. I can't thank Vansa enough for showing me that there is a solution

Mariam L.,


Vansa has guided me through my life purpose from slugging it out in the corporate world to stepping into healing and leadership, which eventually led me to start my own business. Her intuitive guidance was key for me to make this shift She is an excellent energy/ Theta healer and her intuition is accurately sharp

Priyanka Ghaghda


Spiritual Response Therapy has literally changed my life. I am a 30-year-old woman and I have suffered from migraines for over 15 years. Last year, I started to experience migraines 2-3 times a week. Ever since I met Vansa I have probably experienced migraines a maximum of twice a month and I can barely remember



When I came to see Vansa in my first sessions, my life was sad and without meaning. She showed me how to see my worth and importance in this world. She changed my life a 100% after that day to be more beautiful, peaceful and lovely. I have been with her since more than 2 years and I can’t be away from her

Taruna Karamchandani


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